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About us

ExtraCoupon ® is a company that trusts, supports and benefits people who work with enthusiasm every day in order to create innovative and exclusive products to improve the quality of life of society.

We seek to generate an omnichannel electronic payment method, this means that users can be in constant contact with ExtraCoupon ® . It will allow users the possibility of paying at different points of sale of the different affiliated partners, as well as in the digital services we offer. In this way, benefits will be generated immediately.

The application offers solutions at your fingertips and in a practical way, creating a pleasant experience for all our users.


That the payment experience is the best part and the simplest, where the user can take advantage of the rewards acquired. In addition to giving you security and certainty that your purchase was made safely, efficiently and appropriately within a community made up of a wide network of affiliates that offer high quality products and services.


Build and connect an international community of buyers where there is a fair business ecosystem, thus creating a secure and constantly growing network. Establishing an economic efficiency that fosters an integral circle of intelligent purchase and demand.


We keep trying despite the obstacles that arise, it is linked to other aspects that influence it and which are the motivation, desire and vision that we have of a specific objective as a company, it is action because it is what allows us to continue moving forward instead of retreating.

Our process allows modifying or developing new products and services, through changes in business models, processes, and organization, in order to be more efficient and achieve a better position in the market.

Respect and commitment for our users as a community and their services, where bonds of solid trust are developed.

Constancy in the development of ideals and fulfillment of obligations with the commitments established with our clients and users.

We are always governed by upright and honest behavior that leads to observing rules and commitments as well as acting with the truth, which denotes sincerity and correspondence in what is done, in what is thought and in what is said.

Correct use of our resources to achieve objectives for our clients increasing their profits and goals as well as.